Lighting solution for this innovative complex in terms of eco-sustainability


Str. Debouchè
10042 Nichelino TO


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An energy efficient lighting solution was a must for this state-of-art complex. The Axia 2 stepped up to the challenge.

On 7th September 2017, MondoJuve, one of the largest shopping centres in Italy opened its doors. The complex is located between Vinovo and Nichelino and near the Juventus Training Center, where the Juventus Italian Football Club usually trains. It is named after the well-known Juventus soccer club. Spread over 40,000m², this shopping centre features 100 retail stores, several dining areas as well as play areas for children and landscaped gardens. Its size is expected to double within the next 2-3 years.

The shopping centre was designed to be at the forefront of eco-sustainability in Europe. It is equipped with the latest technological systems for energy recovery and the production of clean energy such as  geothermal systems and solar and photovoltaic panels.

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Mondojuve Shopping Centre, Turin
Mondojuve Shopping Centre, Turin
Mondojuve Shopping Centre, Turin
Mondojuve Shopping Centre, Turin
Mondojuve Shopping Centre, Turin

The access roads have been enhanced to ensure an easy passage to the nearby Stupinigi Hunting Lodge, which is an UNESCO heritage site. A tree-lined bike path also connects the MondoJuve to the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge to encourage green mobility.

An energy efficient lighting solution was a must. The Axia 2 was chosen to light the outdoor car park. Thanks to its polycarbonate protector which is fitted with lenses, the Axia 2 maximises the light output with minimal power consumption, offering a high-perfoming solution with excellent value for money. Mounted on 7m high poles with single and double Ito brackets, the luminaires provide a bright white light to ensure comfort and safety for all visitors to the shopping centre.
A total of 375 Axia 2 LED luminaires have been installed to light the car park while 196 Sapphire fixtures fitted with 250W high-pressure sodium lamps light the access roads to the complex.

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