Therapia Lane - Croydon tramlink

LED lighting scheme improves safety and sense of well-being

The local council of Croydon launched a regeneration plan to revive this bustling city outside London by providing fast and efficient transport links to make the city a more convenient place to live and work, but also to attract businesses that will deliver much-needed jobs and economic growth. 
As part of the plan to to transform the city’s 18½-mile light rail network into a modern rail system offering a first class service to all passengers, the city has enhanced Therapia Lane, one of the busiest stops on the route serving a mixture of residential and industrial areas, by converting to a new LED lighting scheme. The white light of the Axia and Teceo LED luminaires replaces the orange light provided by the sodium lamps, dramatically:
 - enhancing the feeling of safety
 - improving the colour rendering quality for better visibility and legibility
 - increasing uniformity levels and
 - providing clearer and better quality camera images.

The new lighting also minimises light pollution and significantly reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions; so much that this energy efficient solution has been nominated and shortlisted in the “Low carbon” category of the Lighting Design Awards.
Passengers are delighted with the new lighting scheme which has created a more welcoming and convivial space. The local council will install the Axia and Teceo LED luminaires on all the tram stops on the rail network and put Croydon firmly on track for the future.

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