Borkener Aa River Path

Well-designed lighting system controlled by Schréder EXEDRA protects people and wildlife

The town of Borken is surrounded by beautiful rural landscape, including around 70 nature parks. Every year, residents and tourists take advantage of the wonderful countryside to cycle, hike or simply enjoy the outdoor life.  

While investing in infrastructure to improve living conditions in the town, the local authorities choose technology that will also protect, preserve and improve the environment for present and future generations.

When relighting the bike path that runs along the Borkener Aa River, the council wanted an adaptive lighting system with motion sensors to limit the number of operating hours of the luminaires to a minimum. 
Indeed, the area around the river is home to different species of fish and their spawning grounds, insects and endangered animals and it is important to protect their natural habitat. The bike path also leads to a nature reserve which local authorities believe is a bat flight route.

Well-design lighting to protect people and wildlife

We proposed a well-designed lighting system that would strike the perfect balance between protecting people and the fauna and flora. 
Certain cool white LED lights can produce blue light which makes insects more visible to predators and disrupts the feeding and reproduction. So we proposed to light the bike path with the TECEO S fitted with warm white LEDs (2,200K) and motion sensors. 
The warm white LEDs in the TECEO S diffuse a light with a yellow glow, similar to traditional sodium lamps, which minimises disturbance to the local wildlife.  

Lighting only when necessary 

Managed by the Schréder EXEDRA control system, the luminaires are dimmed when the path is not being used. Thanks to the motion sensors, the light only increases to 100% when people arrive to ensure a safe and comfortable passage. As the street lights are only switched on fully for limited times, any potential light pollution has been dramatically reduced.



Borken Council


As you ride along the bike path, you don't even notice any difference in the lighting levels. The lighting gradually increases, harmoniously. We are delighted with the new lighting system that has been working perfectly since 2019.

Rainer Labs
Clerk - Borken Council

The new LED lighting system is a great example of a solution that maximises the safety for people, while minimising harm to insect and bat ecosystems with whom we share our towns and cities.