Siemens Electronic Drive Workshop - Tianjin

Energy efficient lighting solution creates safe and comfortable working environment

The Siemens Electronic Drive factory, located in Tianjin High-Tech Industrial Park, manufactures drives, motors and wind generators. The factory was built in 1995 and in 2015, the company decided to renovate the lighting for 7 workshops to cut energy costs and improve the lighting levels.
The company wanted to replace 1,000 luminaires with an energy-efficient lighting solution that would ensure safety and comfort for its employees. As the luminaires are installed in the roof at a height of 20m, it was also important that the lighting solution could be easily installed, requires little maintenance and has a long life.
The company opted for the GL2 Compact which meets all the criteria by providing a premium lighting quality with an excellent colour rendition and more uniform lighting for excellent working conditions with a minimum total cost of ownership.
The new lighting has optimised conditions in the workshop, preventing fatigue and boosting productivity.
Thanks to this new energy-efficient solution, the company now consumes up to 55% less energy.

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