São Bento Railway Station - Porto

Schréder luminaires providing a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eye-catching lighting solution for this iconic train station

One of the most beautiful train stations in the world, the São Bento Railway Station has recently upgraded its lighting to increase safety and comfort for passengers and to enhance the iconic entrance hall while reducing its operating costs and carbon footprint.

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  • Project description
The São Bento Railway Station in Porto, is one of the busiest railway stations in the northern region of Portugal, welcoming approximately 1 million passengers per month. Opened in 1916, it is one of the most beautiful stations in the world and is well known for its spectacular entrance hall with its walls covered with 20,000 splendid tin-glazed ceramic tiles that describe the history of Portugal.
The station is managed by Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) who had the tiles restored in 2011 to preserve the beauty of this Classified National Monument.

In 2017, n&m Lighting Design Studio was entrusted with implementing a new energy efficient lighting scheme that would improve the lighting levels for a better passenger experience and enhance the historic patrimony of this emblematic train station.

The Neos and Dexo luminaires were chosen to light the platforms. The Dexo, suspended from the central axis of the roof, lights the platforms, increasing brightness and visibility so that passengers and rail staff can board and alight the trains in complete safety and comfort.
The Neos floodlights illuminate the magnificent iron and glass canopy and pillars to highlight the station’s architecture.

For the entrance hall, an indirect lighting solution was needed to avoid any reflected glare from the glazed tiles. LED floodlights, chosen for their minimal energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and long life span, were to be placed on the ceiling to gently diffuse the light on the walls, highlighting the extremely rich details of the frieze and ornate blue and white tiles.

The SCULPline was chosen for its slimline aesthetic design and high-performance light distribution. Placed inside the windows of the main façade, they discreetly blend in, with minimum visual impact, to draw attention to the exceptional frieze and tile work. They are fitted with LEDs that provide a warm white light (3000K) to ensure maximum comfort and to bring the true colours of the tiles to life. The result is a truly stunning foyer.

This lighting project required a solution that fused technical quality and aesthetic design, while providing a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eye-catching lighting solution.
The Schréder luminaires have achieve all of these objectives; indeed the energy consumption and CO2 emissions for both the platforms and entrance hall have been reduced by approximately 75%.
Facts & Figures
Entrance hall
    Installed power (KW) Energy consumption (KWh)  CO2eq (Tonnes) Cost of energy consumed (€)
Old lighting    6.10  24,400  12.76  2,505.88
New lighting    1.50  6,000  3.14  616.20
    Installed power (KW) Energy consumption (KWh) CO2eq (Tonnes) Cost of energy consumed (€)
Old lighting   33.50 134,000 70.08 13,761.80
New lighting   8.50 34,000 17.78 3,491.80

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