Milan Gale Muskatirovic Sports Centre

High-quality lighting for Serbian Open

The Milan Gale Muskatirovic Sports Centre is a tennis centre located on the riverside in the centre of Belgrade. It was renovated in 2009 to hold the first Serbia Open. For this special occasion, the centre needed lighting worthy of high profile sporting events.
The central court which has a seating capacity for 9,500 spectators is lit by 28 Zenith floodlights, equipped with 2000W metal halide lamps. Other courts in the centre are lit by the Zenith and Neos 3 floodlights. In total, 16 Zenith floodlights fitted with 2000W metal halide lamps and 60 Neos 3 floodlights equipped with 400W metal halide lamps light these courts.

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