Bordeaux Tramway

Luminaire and street furniture to unify the different urban entities of the tramway network

The Moon Torch luminaire was designed in collaboration with Elisabeth de Portzamparc as a line of street furniture to constitute a coherent family of objects for the Bordeaux tramway - 44.6km of track - with an immediately recognisable visual identity. With its strong, pure, light aesthetic, this collection of street furniture creates a dialogue with the different urban environments they pass through: old neighbourhoods, modern districts and landscape areas.
More than 800 Moon Torch luminaires are installed at a height of 3.4m and fitted with either 70W or 150W metal halide lamps with a ceramic arc tube. They provide a symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution depending on the geometry of the station to be lit. They diffuse a warm, white light (3000K) with an average illuminance of 40 lux and an overall uniformity of over 60% in line with the tender specifications. The lighting is both efficient and dreamlike.

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