Black Sea Coastal Tunnel

Perfect visual guidance and excellent uniformity





Schréder, the expert in tunnel lighting provided a total of 4,050 AF4 luminaires to light 33km of tunnels within the framework of the Black Sea Coastal Road Project. This ambitious project is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest construction projects that aims to build a road to connect Azerbaijan to Europe.

Given the heavy traffic density, a robust luminaire with high photometric performance was needed. The AF4 luminaires were equipped with 400W, 250W and 150W high-pressure sodium lamps to provide the main and boost lighting (400W lamps at the entrance to the tunnel and 150W for the interior zone).

Schréder proposed an asymmetrical counter beam lighting solution which complies with the international standard, C.I.E. 88-2004. The lighting offers the correct levels of luminance, excellent uniformity and visual comfort to maximise the safety and comfort of all users. 

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