Belgrade Arena

Lit to meet the stringent requirements of high definition television

Belgrade Arena is the 3rd largest sports hall in Europe, with a surface area of 48,000m2 and can hold 20,000 spectators. Schréder was entrusted with lighting this immense multi-sports hall and the new access roads.
The lighting solution meets the strictest criteria defined by the international competition sports associations for high definition television broadcasting. Light is an essential element for ensuring quality television pictures, especially for high definition television as well as for slow motion pictures.
Besides the high levels of luminance achieved, the lighting solution offers a very high level of visual comfort thanks to excellent uniformity (with no shadows) and no glare whatsoever. With its 82 RS and 162 Zenith floodlights installed, all equipped with 2000W metal halide lamps, the Arena is one of the best lit sport mega-temples in Europe!

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