1958 - 1907

Exploring electricity at the turn of the century


Brussels World Fair: Given its expertise in working with aluminium, Schréder is called upon to polish Brussels's acclaimed Atomium, playing a pivotal role in creating the structure for the World Fair, dubbed Expo 58


First laboratory worldwide with a two-angle reflectometer permitting Schréder to measure the characteristics of road surfaces so as to distribute light in most efficient manner. This made us a pioneer in luminance lighting calculations.


France: Schréder's first expansion outside Belgium and the year it develops the iconic PQ range luminaire with reflectors of electropolished aluminium


Belgium: Schréder launches its industrial lighting branch outside Liège, the historic centre of Europe's industrial revolution and once home to multiple steel and coal giants


Belgium: Schréder develops a variety of electronic technologies, including electronic boxes and panel boards


Belgium: Workshops of Jules Schréder and Co. founded in midst of the first industrial revolution