2007 - 1985

Partnering with Cities Worldwide


Croatia: Schréder installs LEDs in an urban lighting context as the LED Generation kicks off - a world first in a urban lighting context, a world first in Split, Croatia's second largest city along the Adriatic Sea


Italy: Schréder lights the Coliseum in Rome while optimising photometry throughout 2000s


Strategic expansion: Schréder expands into new markets by acquiring businesses in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Africa to consolidate its foothold in Europe, and emerging markets


Schréder selected because of its engineering expertise to light the Channel Tunnel: 35,000 luminaires under the sea connecting the U.K. and Europe


France: Schréder partners with architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to light the Champs-Elysées, marking a successful move into the design market that defines lighting throughout the 1990s