Schréder opens a Smart City centre of excellence in Portugal - Schréder Hyperion

As Smart City Expo opens its doors today in Barcelona, Schréder announced the opening of its Smart City Centre of Excellence in Carcavelos (Lisbon region), Portugal.

This centre will provide cities with practical information, training and solutions, to facilitate the transition to a smarter and more sustainable urban infrastructure. 
Located at Nova Business School and Economics (Nova SBE), in a brand new university campus, Schréder’s Smart City Centre of Excellence, will be branded Schréder Hyperion. 

The centre is strategically based in the Lisbon area to take full advantage of the strong tech talent - the city boasts a remarkably highly-qualified number of engineers per capita - and to leverage the thriving international tech ecosystem by collaborating and implementing research initiatives. 

Cities are the hubs of the future and need integrated solutions to improve city services and produce a great quality of life for citizens, with a long-term perspective on the built environment. With Schréder Hyperion, we have an unparalleled opportunity to champion innovation and develop solutions that contribute to creating safer, more resilient and enjoyable urban environments. 

Nicolas Keutgen
Schréder CIO

Schréder Hyperion will build on Schréder’s century-long experience, knowledge and engineering to support cities with a specialised portfolio of relevant Smart City information and solutions.
In addition, Schréder Hyperion will work with partners globally, to complement today’s products and create additional opportunities for cities.

We are starting with two products that we believe bring true value to cities and their citizens; Owlet is a powerful engine of growth for cities throughout the globe and the Shuffle, now supports an ever-growing ecosystem of hardware, software and service partners.

Cristian Tanase - Schréder Hyperion Program Manager
Cristian Tanase
Schréder Hyperion Program Manager

Hardware developers can now develop solutions that seamlessly integrate in the Shuffle and provide their services directly to cities and citizens. 

A firm believer that open and interoperable technology is essential to develop solid foundations for smart cities, Owlet is TALQ2 certified and uCIFI compliant.

uCIFI is a non-profit alliance of industrial companies, cities and utilities with the goal to unlock the Smart City & Utility markets. 

The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software to configure, control, command and monitor heterogeneous smart city device networks.

Visit stand E567 at Smart City Expo to discover the latest technologies that Schréder Hyperion is working on to help you create truly open and smart cities that make life better for citizens.