Enhanced performance in warm climates


 Key characteristics:

    • Protector: glass or polycarbonate
    • LED type: high-power 4mm2
    • Lenses: silicon
    • Backlight control: directly incorporated into the lenses for certain light distributions



The LensoFlex®3 photometric engine, like LensoFlex®2, is based upon the addition principle of photometric distribution; each LED is associated with a specific lens that generates the complete photometric distribution of the luminaire. The main difference is the material used for the lenses.

LensoFlex®3 uses lenses made of mouldable and opticalgrade silicon offering superior transparency and excellent photothermal stability. This withstands high driving currents and delivers maximise lumen output over time.

As silicon offers a higher thermal resistance compared to PMMA, temperature is not as critical for LensoFlex®3 engines. This offers two distinct advantages; LensoFlex®3 ensures an enhanced performance in warm climates or enables a high driving current to be used to increase the lumen output and a higher lm/kg ratio.

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