Choose a smart lighting system that is flexible to changing circumstances, technologies, and requirements

As cities move towards a smart and sustainable future, only resilient and comprehensive platforms will enable them to successfully implement their digital transformation and long-term strategies with a seamless experience. 
Dive into our white paper for key insights on what to consider when choosing a CMS including:

  • interoperability;
  • back-up policies;
  • cloud providers;
  • auto-scaling;
  • automated mechanisms. 
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Schréder EXEDRA ensures a resilient and bright future for La Mongie

In 2017, the the local authorities in La Mongie installed new LED luminaires controlled by Schréder EXEDRA to modernise the town’s lighting landscape and protect its starry skies. The lighting levels in all of the luminaires can be dynamically adjusted according to the needs of the skiers, weather conditions and snow cover.

This avant-garde solution has reduced energy consumption by 40% while allowing astronomers in the Pic du Midi Observatory to enjoy views of the Milky Way. The lighting complies with French dark sky regulations and is ready to evolve with future regulations or needs.  

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Schréder EXEDRA is helping La Mongie build a resilient future
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