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Tilburg light plan for bike crossings

The city of Tilburg has adopted a contrasting lighting scheme for busy bike crossings at large junctions to improve safety for cyclists

In Tilburg, cycling is part of daily life. The city is equipped with an elaborate network of bike lanes which pass through large junctions in different areas. Whilst cyclists have priority in these crossroads, a lack of visibility was increasing the risk of an accident each time a cyclist passed through them.
This was especially true for the junctions where the width of the bike lane is narrower and where it cuts a main road despite the bike lane being elevated with specific road markings and increased signage. To improve the visibility of these crossings and reinforce security, the city of Tilburg decided to use a different colour of light on these crossings to increase the contrast with the surrounding environment. They opted for a neutral white to light the crossings and warm white for the road. Thanks to this contrast, the road markings are emphasised and the visibility of the signage has improved while a ray of white light highlights the bike lane that crosses the junction.  
To light the junctions where the bike paths cross the road, the local authorities chose the Piano LED luminaire. With its refined aesthetic design and high-quality finish, the Piano provides a white light to guide people better. Two luminaires, fitted with a left and right optic, have been installed at each crossing. 
In addition, the roads near the crossings for the bike paths have also been fitted with a new LED lighting solution that offers an improved perception of colour so that motorists can easily see the cyclists on the bike lane at all times. 
Patrick van de Wiel, Manager of the city’s public lighting comments, “The lighting with the specific “crossing” optic which distinguishes the bike lane and highlights the cyclists is very impressive”. 
Thanks to these simple changes in the lighting, the city of Tilburg has improved security at these junctions, ensuring safe and comfortable bike lanes so that all of its inhabitants can use bikes as the easiest mode of transport. 

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