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Soto del Real

Teceo provides energy savings of 80% for Soto del Real

Soto del Real has been completely transformed by a new lighting plan which aimed to replace all of the town’s luminaires with LED technology to improve the quality of lighting and to reduce energy costs as well as the town's environmental footprint. The Teceo luminaire will provide the town with a massive 80% reduction in energy savings and reduce its CO2 annually by 634 tons compared to the old lighting scheme with traditional light sources.

  • Project Description
  • José Antonio Gismero - Soto del Real Council
  • Fidel Pérez Montes - IDAE

Soto del Real - Energy Savings and Safety

As part of a larger programme to become a Smart City, the Soto del Real town council in collaboration with the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) and the Comité Español de Iluminación (CIE) decided to act as a benchmark for all other Spanish towns and cities by fully converting its public lighting scheme to LED technology and maximizing energy savings.
A public tender, specifying very strict technical requirement was launched in 2011.

The Teceo luminaire, developed by Schréder to offer a minimal total cost of ownership, won the tender.

The Teceo luminaire will provide the town with a massive 80% reduction in energy savings compared to the old lighting scheme with traditional light sources.
More than 2,700 Teceo luminaires light the main streets and roads while nearly 300 LFH style lanterns fitted with LEDs were installed to replace the traditional lanterns.
With this winning combination of LED solutions, the town will save more than 1,626,500kWH per year and reduce its CO2 annually by 634 tons.

Energy savings and a reduced ecological footprint are not the only advantages.
The luminaires diffuse a bright white light that improves the feeling of safety and strengthens the town’s identity by creating a warm and convivial nocturnal ambiance. The residents of this town, located 43km from the capital city, Madrid, are delighted with the lighting scheme.


Number of luminaires

Lave (cd/m²)

Installation power

Savings through dimming

Energy consumption (kWh/year)

CO2 emissions (tonnes/year)

Cost energy consumption (€)

Old lighting scheme


0.3-0.5 cd/m² Low uniformity






New lighting scheme

2,780 Teceo 299 LFH

0.79 cd/m²
High uniformity











Price kWh (Spain) 0.11€ | CO2 emissions: 0.390kgCO2/kWh | Operating hours: 3,896 hours/year

José Antonio Gismero - Soto del Real


José Antonio Gismero is the Energy Efficiency Councillor for the town of
Soto del Real.
He was one of the main actors in the
re-lighting plan. 

What are the objectives of the new lighting installation?

The lighting installations were very old and they needed to be completely upgraded.
We wanted the new lighting scheme to be the first step in a programme undertaken by the town council to become
a Smart City.
We wanted to dramatically reduce energy consumption while significantly improving the quality of the lighting.
With the Teceo, we will achieve a reduction of 80% in energy consumption, reinforcing Soto del Real’s identity as a pioneer in the field of energy efficiency.


In addition to the energy savings, what has been the most positive effect of the new lighting scheme to date?
It has significantly increased comfort and safety in the entire town, as it has increased the level of lighting and, above all, its uniformity.
Furthermore, the colour rendering of LEDs is much better than that of other traditional lighting sources such as sodium vapour lamps. These are just some of the reasons why the lighting in Soto del Real is a success. 




Fidel Perez Montes - IDAE participated in the relighting scheme for Soto del Real


Fidel Pérez Montes is the Director General of

the IDAE - the Institute for the Diversification

and Savings of Energy. 
He describes the implications of this

innovative project for the Spanish market.

What were the objectives of this project from an energy point of view?

With this project, we wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to fully upgrade a town’s outdoor lighting scheme and meet the requirements of the energy efficiency regulations through an energy utility company.
It is a pilot project which has been undertaken to serve as a benchmark for all other councils and, furthermore, it is unique in being the first project in Spain to fully convert all of the town’s outdoor lighting to LED technology.


What are the potential energy savings for outdoor lighting installations in Spain? 
The energy audits carried out by the IDAE demonstrate that these installations have a high potential for generating savings by reducing electricity consumption by 45% on average. These savings can be achieved by acting on several parameters: reducing the high levels of lighting especially late at night, improving the quality of the luminaires and using remote management systems to control the switch on/off of the luminaires.
In the specific case of Soto del Real, by implementing the above measures and by replacing the sodium vapour and mercury lamps with LED technology, we expect the electricity consumption to drop by 80%. 



The Teceo luminaires in Soto del Real are equipped with a dimming system for during the night

The Teceo luminaires in Soto del Real are fitted with a dimming system to reduce the light levels during the night when there is less traffic. The dimming system has generated an extra 33% of energy savings compared to the old lighting installation.

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