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Sète’s public lighting renovation programme

Yoa enhances the landscape whilst reducing the town’s energy costs and environmental footprint

Sète is a French port and seaside resort on the Mediterranean with a strong cultural identity. In 2013, the local authorities launched a programme to renovate its street lighting network. This programme is sub-contracted under a public-private partnership to Sogetralec and Citelum who will manage and replace the lighting equipment for a 20-year period. The objective of the programme is to replace approximately 6,500 fixtures that are no longer providing the required lighting levels whilst consuming a lot of power to enable the town to reduce its energy consumption by 60%.
The local council wanted a lighting network with LED technology so that they can control their energy consumption with a long term sustainable solution. They chose the Yoa luminaire to light the town centre as well as the residential streets for several reasons.
Its elegant design harmoniously blends into the urban landscape, from the large avenues to the narrow residential streets as well as the parks and squares.
The Yoa is available with different mounting options (side-entry, post-top and catenary) to suit the specific needs of each area in the town and create a distinctive identity. Indeed, the Yoa can be seen in different configurations throughout the town - post-top on Lyre columns, on posts with 2 luminaires at different heights - one to light the road and one to light the footpath - as well as on wall brackets.
Thanks to the high photometrical performance of the Yoa, the town is able to reduce its energy consumption and its environmental footprint. A total of 1,050 Yo luminaires were installed in 2016.
The local authorities are delighted with the new lighting scheme which has dramatically improved the quality of the light compared to the old fixtures whilst cutting energy costs. This efficient and sustainable solution ensures the well-being and safety of the local residents and visitors to the town.

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