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Schuster Park

White light for welcoming environment

Schuster Park is located in front of Saint Paul’s Church in Rome. Previously known as Pauline Park, it was renamed in 2000, in honour of Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, abbot of Saint Paul from 1918 to 1929.
In 1999, the park was renovated to create a green space for local residents and in 2008 a monument of the Italian soldiers who died in Nassiriya was erected. Since the regeneration works, the park has become increasingly popular, playing an important role in the local community. The local authorities decided thus in 2010, to light the pedestrian paths, so the community could take advantage of the park at night as well. The Isla LED was chosen as they wanted a luminaire that would provide a white light with reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. A total of 147 luminaires equipped with 42 cool white LEDs were installed, creating a welcoming and secure environment.

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