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Ringfietspad bicycle path - Antwerp

Energy efficient lighting solution provides a safe and comfortable cycling route for an enjoyable experience

Ringfietspad is the most popular bicycle path in Antwerp. Hundreds of cyclists use this path, which is parallel to the city’s ring road, on a daily basis to go to work or school or simply for a leisurely ride. The lighting on the bike path had deteriorated and the local authorities decided to replace it with an energy efficient lighting solution that would respect the “Groene Singel” plan. This plan aims to transform the entire area around the Antwerp ring road between the inner city and outer suburbs into a visually appealing green landscape with good infrastructure and a high ecological value.

Mr Kristoof Peeters, Director of Antwerp’s Public Spaces explains: “We wanted an LED luminaire with a refined design which would perfectly complement the pole. Following a pilot project, and after concerting with the lighting operator Eandis and the Ministry of Transport and Mobility (AWV), the Piano by Schréder was chosen.” 

In total, 275 Piano luminaires were installed at a height of 4km along this 6km lane in autumn 2016. The white light of the LEDs has improved the quality of light, creating a safe and inviting environment while the aesthetic design of the ensemble has added an elegant touch to this green space.

The local authorities has already received a lot of positive feedback from the people using it!

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