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Quartiere Giardino - Lucca

The Shuffle equipped with CCTV and WLAN is the perfect solution for a completely renovated outdoor space at the heart of the community

The Quartiere Giardino in Lucca was inaugurated on 28th April 2017 with 30 new subsidised residential appartments after a redevelopment plan that began more than 10 years ago. This district, which had been neglected for many years, has benefited from European funding to build new housing and public facilities. In addition to the new accommodation that was based on sustainable passive housing standards, a new sports field, car park and a green area have been developed to create a more vibrant environment. The architect Elisabetta Biagioni was at the heart of this new redesign.
The local authorities wanted a lighting system that would ensure excellent visibility for the green space and that could also integrate CCTV surveillance cameras to enhance safety. They also wanted to provide WiFi for the local residents to create a dynamic and enjoyable outdoor space that would reinforce the district’s new identity during the night. The Shuffle was the ideal solution. It provides all of the features in a single column with an aesthetic design that emphasises the contemporary character of the new square, with its minimalistic style stone pavements and seating. This elegant system also preserves the space, as no additional posts are required, providing more room for the residents, especially the children, to move around freely. With its modular concept and flexible photometry, the Shuffle lights the square and the children’s playground. Moreover, the Shuffle provides all of the above with a reduced power consumption thanks to the LED technology.
In total, 15 Shuffle columns are installed. They are fitted with 3 light modules for a total energy consumption of 124W. Two columns are fitted with CCTV while one provides the WLAN. The light is bright and comfortable, creating a real inviting outdoor space that serves as an activity hub for the residents any time they want. 

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