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Munguía and Retuerto football pitches

The OMNIstar improves the quality of light while cutting energy costs significantly by 65%

The Biscayan Football Federation oversees the football championship in the Basque region. The federation wants to upgrade the lighting at some of its facilities to improve the quality of light and reduce operating costs. They opted for a complete LED solution with the OMNIstar to upgrade the pitch lighting at the Munguía club and a mixture of OMNIstar and Stadialux floodlights for the Retuerto club. The OMNIstar will maximise the light distribution across the playing field, delivering a crisp, clear light with improved colour quality to improve the playing and viewing experience for both the players and the spectators.
The new lighting solutions not only ensure the correct light levels (EN 12193) but also enable the federation to reduce energy costs by 65%, which is the equivalent to more than 27,661kWh per year. They will also benefit from the maintenance savings accruing from the long life of the LEDs.
Additionally, the areas surrounding the football clubs will benefit from the more directional light coming from the LED floodlights, which reduces the light spill and glare coming from the pitches.
The new lighting with LED floodlights will also enable the federation to satisfy the evolving needs of sports broadcasters, who require natural, flicker-free lighting to cope with high-definition super-slow motion.

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