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Mae d'Agua Park - Braganca

Sustainable, convivial and aesthetic LED lighting solution

By regenerating Mae d’Agua Square, the Bragança local authorities achieved their double objective of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants with minimum energy consumption. The lighting solution had to create a safe and welcoming area. 20 Perla luminaires light the paths while 8 Neos LED floodlights illuminate the children’s playgrounds. They diffuse a white light for a convivial atmosphere and optimal visual comfort. Over 60 Neos LED floodlights fitted with 32 high-power white LEDs light the new bike path. Mounted on special columns designed by the architects A1V2 and developed by Schréder, they add a fun dimension. The use of LEDs has reduced energy costs by 54% compared to the existing bike path equipped with 70W metal halide lamps.
Just over 10 Piano luminaires light the car park.

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