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Jehay Castle - Belgium

The Teceo on a Thylia column, provide a sustainable lighting solution with energy savings of 60%, to respect and perfectly integrate the natural environment

Listed sites require lighting that respects the local environment. When lighting the new car park of Jehay Castle, the Province of Liege wanted a sustainable lighting solution that would harmoniously integrate the landscape. Schréder proposed the Teceo fitted with motion detection sensors and the Owlet control system. Discover more in the video below.

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  • Project Description
Jehay Castle, located near Amay in the province of Liège, is a unique example of local Renaissance style from the 16th century. Listed as a site of exceptional heritage in Wallonia, the castle attracts numerous tourists each year who come to marvel at the remarkable architecture, stroll in the landscaped gardens or admire the abundant public collection of English art that it houses.
For the Province of Liege, who manage the castle, it is important to welcome visitors as soon as they arrive. They decided to build a new car park opposite the castle entrance. Well-designed lighting is essential in car parks to guide both people and vehicles in complete safety at night. The Province of Liege wanted a sustainable lighting solution that would enable all users to move around securely and with maximum visual comfort. They also wanted a solution that would perfectly integrate the naturel environment around the castle.
Schréder proposed the Teceo LED luminaire on Thylia columns. The Teceo luminaires are managed by the Owlet remote management system. Each luminaire is equipped with a motion sensor to detect when people or vehicles are present. When the car park is empty, the lighting levels are set at 30% of the full lighting level. As soon as a pedestrian or a vehicle is detected, the infrared sensor sends the information to the Owlet control system and the lighting levels rise gradually to 100%.
If after 3 minutes, no movement has been detected, the lighting levels dim to 30%. Full power, and the illuminance levels of 15 lux, are therefore only achieved when there is movement around a luminaire.
This intelligent lighting system reduces energy costs by approximately 60% compared to a traditional solution. In addition, this “on-demand” lighting is the ideal solution to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors while respecting the natural environment.
The Province of Liège is also delighted with the pure and aesthetic design of the Teceo luminaire on the plant like Thylia column, which perfectly integrate the castle landscape.

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