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Baarstraße roundabout - Iserlohn

Priority given to safety and comfort to improve mobility for all users

Conscious of public opinion, the local authorities of Islerlohn are very keen to associate environmentally-friendly solutions and cost-cutting measures in all their actions. This is why they opted for the Teceo and Neos Zebra LED to light the recently built roundabout on the busy Baarstraße. The roundabout was erected to improve mobility in the area for all users. Improved mobility rhymes with safety. The lighting solution had to guarantee a safe and comfortable environment and reduce energy consumption through dimming when the area is not being used.  The Teceo lights the roundabout while the Neos Zebra LED lights the pedestrian crossing. The Neos Zebra LED not only improves the visibility of the road markings but also enhances the positive contrast between the pedestrians and the surrounding environment to substantially increase the attention of drivers and avoid accidents.
Such is the success of this winning combination, that the same luminaires will soon be installed on Westfalenstraße.

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