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Intelligent lighting for petrol station in Oron-la-Ville

Percepto provides a comfortable and appealing environment with significant energy savings

During renovation works in 2014, the owner of this busy petrol station in the town of Oron-la-Ville decided to replace the luminaires to improve comfort for customers and staff as well as reduce energy costs.
The old fixtures fitted with metal halide lamps (250W) were replaced by Percepto LED luminaires (105W) equipped with a dimming system and motion detection sensor. By simply changing the luminaires, energy savings of nearly 60% would have been achieved. The owner decided however to dim the luminaires by 50% after midnight due to the low number of visitors. Eager to reassure customers during this period, a motion detection system ensures that the lighting levels go back up to 100% as soon a car arrives to guarantee perfect visibility and a feeling of safety.
The owner is delighted with this lighting solution which has significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs while creating an appealing and comfortable atmosphere for customers.

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