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Haren Public Transport Depot - Brussels

Low energy solution provides maximum safety for drivers in this tightly packed large area

The Brussels Municipal Transport Authority (STIB) transports over half a million people every day through its metro, bus and tram lines. A significant increase in passengers in
recent years and the growing challenges related to mobility led the STIB to invest in new means of transport offering more capacity. The STIB invested in new generation trams and built a new depot in Haren to house them.
Due to the little space between the parked trams, the objective was to create a perfectly lit depot to guarantee maximum safety for the drivers when boarding and leaving the trams.
A total of 184 Neos LED 2 LensoFlex®2 luminaires were installed underneath the gantries, providing excellent uniformity while 329 Neos 1 LED floodlights with a narrow distribution optimize the uniformity and enabled the spacing between the luminaires to be increased.
This new lighting scheme offers perfect visibility for optimum safety for the staff.
Furthermore, this low-energy, low-maintenance installation in this secure depot, which is lit day and night, has a payback time of less than five years.

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