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Harbin Skating Gym - World Winter University Games, China 2009

Visual comfort and uniformity for television broadcasting

The Neos provided the lighting for Harbin Skating Gym, the main ice rink venue for the 24th edition of the World Winter University Games held in Harbin, China in 2009. This was the first time that the games were held in China and the authorities were determined to offer the best facilities possible.
The Harbin Skating Gym has a surface area of 12,370m² and a permanent seating capacity for 2,500 spectators. The arena features 2 ice skating rinks, one for competition and one for training purposes. The lighting solution implemented had to meet the strictest criteria for international television broadcasting. Schréder installed 200 Neos 3 floodlights and 68 Neos 4 floodlights to provide the required 1,400 lux of vertical illumination with high colour rendering. In addition, the lighting solution offers an excellent uniformity, with no shadows.

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