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Gyula Castle

Neos floodlights bathe this historic monument in a soft white light to create a romantic glow

The town of Gyula is best known for its medieval castle, which was completed in the mid-16th century. The 600 year old castle is the only surviving Gothic brick fortress built on the plains of the former Kingdom of Hungary.
While the outer defensive line with its bastions has been destroyed, the castle has been very well preserved. It opened as a museum in 1962 and was completely renovated in 2005 to illustrate the castle’s six centuries of history with 24 exhibition rooms including the knight’s hall, arsenal, dungeon, chapel, tavern and smith’s forge. It is full of life, with a real fire in the smith’s forge, bread baking in the ovens and the potter’s wheel turning. Every year, it welcomes many visitors who come to discover how the lord of the castle lived or attend the plays, music concerts and dance performances staged in the summer.
This ancient monument, which is the only brick castle to have survived in Central Europe, deserved a nocturnal lighting scheme that would enhance its historic quality. The local authorities wanted an illumination that would enhance and make the castle visible at night from any direction with an energy-saving approach. They opted for the Neos floodlight.
The Neos bathes the castle walls with a soft white light to create a romantic glow at night. The hue of the façade is perfectly preserved, showing this authentic castle in its best light. 

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