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Durham Castle

Energy savings, striking visual ambiance and more

Part of the UNESCO Durham World Heritage Site and one of the most important historic buildings in the United Kingdom, the lighting scheme for Durham Castle was designed to be energy efficient and capture the architectural details and texture.

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Schréder worked with Stainton Lighting Design Services to create a magical nocturnal ambiance using Neos LED and Noctis floodlights.

Anthony Smith, Director of Stainton Lighting Design Services explained, “We developed a concept which creates a different visual impact when viewing the Castle at night. By carefully positioning the LED floodlights near the Castle’s walls, it brings the fabric of the building to life and minimises the problem of light spill into the windows. To maximise the lighting’s impact, we developed 17 different bespoke beam configurations in partnership with Schréder. Many of these use multiple optic types to create the desired effect.”

Despite significantly increasing the number of floodlights, from 37 to 107, the use of LEDs has delivered initial energy savings of 57%. With the final scheme using a more dynamic switching regime, this should offer savings of around 79%.

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