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Casole d'Elsa

Intelligent lighting solution for aesthetics, ambiance and energy savings

Casole d’Elsa, lying in the Tuscan hills not far from Siena, is a small historical town looking to the future. In 2014, the local administration entrusted Lucos Energia, a local ESCO, to carry out a complete renovation of the obsolete lighting network in the town.
Schréder worked closely with Lucos to propose an intelligent lighting solution that would enable the town to preserve its historic heritage while creating the ambiance needed with significant energy savings.
The Valentino LED was chosen to light the small, picturesque streets. Its classic design harmoniously integrates the landscape, bringing a touch of charm to the daytime appearance and creating a warm nocturnal ambiance. 
The Isla LED provides a warm white light with visual comfort for the parks and play areas so that the residents can fully benefit from these areas in the evening while the CMS LED brightly lights the car parks so people can easily spot their vehicles and find their way.
The Teceo lights the main roads leading into the town and the residential streets.
All of the luminaires are managed by the Owlet Nightshift system with an astroclock to dim the light when it is not needed and efficiently manage the lighting network.
During the week, the luminaires operate with the following lighting levels (the astroclock only switches on the light when it is needed):

 - 07:00 - 21:00: 100% 

 - 21:00 - 23:00: 70%

 - 23:00 - 05:00: 50%

 - 05:00 - 07:00: 70%

At the weekend, the lighting levels remain at 100% until 11pm as the residents spend more time outside, taking advantage of the town’s nightlife.

The towers of the town’s old walls are illuminated by the SCULPflood150 with a dynamic lighting system that baths the façades in a myriad of colours and sequences. The lighting can be programmed to create different atmospheres for various festivities taking place in the town throughout the year.
The local authorities and residents are delighted with the new lighting which has brought the town back to life at night with little investment. 

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