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Brussels ring road - Anderlecht section

35% energy savings with improved safety and comfort

The 6-lane Anderlecht section of the Brussels ring road is the first LED motorway lighting scheme in Belgium. This section has the highest traffic density in Belgium as commuters travel in and out of the capital city and vehicles transit from the coast to mainland Europe. In 2013, the Brussels-Capital region replaced the luminaires equipped with low-pressure sodium lamps lighting this 6km long section with the Teceo. This relighting plan had several objectives:
- Improve safety and comfort for motorists
- Reduce energy costs
- Decrease maintenance costs.
A total of 120 Teceo 2 (136 LEDs) luminaires equipped with the Owlet remote management system were installed. 
The remote management system dims the luminaires to 3 different lighting levels during the night (70% - 50% - 70%) providing a 35% reduction in energy consumption. 
The Teceo provides a bright white light which meet the lighting standards required (1.5cd/m²) and will maintain the initial performance over time.
This optimized lighting over a long life span will dramatically reduce maintenance operations and divide costs by 7, which is a major advantage given the busy traffic on this motorway.  

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