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Blankenberge train station plaza

Sustainable lighting solution creates a strong and original visual identity for this coastal city

When the city of Blankenberge officially opened a new train station in July 2018, it wanted to provide a pleasant outdoor space that would ensure a fun and warm welcome for visitors. They completely renovated the square leading to the station and installed an original work of art to create a vibrant landscape.
An energy-efficient dynamic lighting scheme completed the plan by creating a vibrant nocturnal ambiance.

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  • Project description

The train station in Blankenberge is the second busiest on the Belgian coast, welcoming some 1,600 passengers a day and half a million tourists in the summer. 

The local authorities took advantage of the work to renovate the square in front of the station, which had been neglected. They wanted the area to reflect the modern urban spaces in the city centre and create a coherent image.
They opted for a large open space, with facilities for restauration as well as greenery and street furniture that can be easily moved. This modular infrastructure enables the local authorities to adapt the square to the many events that take place in the summer and provides a quiet space to relax in the winter.

A truly unique feature of this renovation is without a doubt, the work of art by the artist Kaat Van der Marliere. She spelt the name of the city, Blankenberge in large letters, decorated with small characters, typical of his work.
As well as creating a friendly welcome for visitors, this 27m long and 2.5m high landmark is also a relaxation area as some of the letters are real seats.

The local authorities wanted this work of art to have an equally striking presence at night. They decided to install a dynamic lighting scheme that could adapt the light according to the different events and needs.
The compact yet robust SCULPline was ideal to reveal the unique character of this iconic structure with minimal energy consumption. A total of 30 SCULPline RGBA were installed in the ground in a continuous line. Controlled via the DMX protocol, they create festive scenarios according to the seasons and events.

To light the square, Teceo luminaires were mounted on Thylia columns. They bring an organic feel without cluttering the space. Together, this ensemble, reinforces the welcoming ambiance of the square by diffusing a soft white light that ensures a safe and comfortable landscape when evening falls.

The redevelopment of this public space with an efficient and sustainable lighting solution has given the area a new dynamic, much to the satisfaction of the local authorities, residents and tourists.


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