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Assen - FlorijnAs development plan

Sustainable lighting solution provides symbolic aesthetic design to connect the history and the future of the city

The city of Assen in the north east of the Netherlands launched the FlorijnAs development plan to improve accessibility in Assen. As the capital city of the region, the local authorities want to develop economic growth in the region by ensuring that the correct infrastructure is available. 
To facilitate access to the area, a new entrance and exit was built on the A28 motorway. The local authorities wanted a sustainable lighting solution for this new road as well as the city’s main boulevard.
As Miriam de Graaf, the city’s lighting planner explains “The story behind the light is a pleasure to tell. We wanted to choose an LED luminaire that had a connection to the environment”.
In fact, as the TT Circuit has been an important feature of the city’s landscape since 1925, they wanted a luminaire that would remind residents and visitors of this landmark.
The Yoa, which had just been launched, was the ideal solution. With a little bit of imagination, the shape of the luminaire looks like a wheel on its side while the design of the crown reminds people of a wheel print; the perfect connection to the TT Circuit!
Moreover, the Yoa integrates the latest cutting edge technologies to substantially reduce operating and maintenance costs, contributing to the effective management of finances and to the responsible use of energy. As an additional bonus, the city really liked the possibility of post-top or side-entry mounting.
The Yoa with a post-top mounting on a 4m high post lights the pavements and bike paths while the roads are lit by the Yoa on consoles at a height of 6 or 8m.
In total, approximately 1,000 Yoa luminaires will be installed, dramatically reducing energy costs for the city while providing a symbolic aesthetic design. 

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