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Intercambiador de l'Avendia de las Américas - Cuenca

Energy efficient tunnel solution ensures safety and comfort for users

The Intercambiador de l'Avenida de las Américas underpass in Cuenca was built to ease traffic congestion in this busy city, the third largest in Ecuador. More than 90,000 vehicles pass through this tunnel every day so the local authorities wanted a long lasting solution that would guarantee safety and comfort for all users. They chose the GL2 Compact. This robust luminaire equipped with LEDs provides a superior photometric efficiency with a bright white light for excellent visibility with low energy consumption and a long life.
A total of 36 GL2 Compact luminaires light this 65m wide tunnel while 16 Teceo luminaires were installed to light the access roads leading to the tunnel. This is the first 100% LED lighting solution in the city and users are delighted with the excellent visibility.

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