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OWLET Control Solutions

Smart control for efficient lighting

  • Description
  • Stand-alone solutions
  • Owlet autonomous network
  • Owlet Nightshift Interoperable Network
  • Owlet IoT Interoperable Network


Stand-alone solutions:
One Pole, One Control

Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently.

This type of control system is ideal for areas with little activity at night such as pedestrian areas, parks, car parks and warehouses.


Key Benefits

  • Low investment
  • Fast payback
  • Energy savings of up to 30%
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable dimming profiles


   Placed on top of the luminaire, an integrated photocell switches it ON or OFF depending on the level of natural light.
Each light point behaves independently.
A photocell enables an out of the box installation without commissioning.
Thus it is very easy to install in existing lighting schemes.

Motion detection sensors                                                                                                                           


Motion sensors (infrared/microwaves) detect the presence of people or vehicles and raise the lighting levels.
Besides reducing energy consumption, this light-on-demand feature contributes to the safety of an area.
Each sensor is set up to avoid unnecessary detection.


Astronomical clock


An integrated astronomical clock provides a constant adaptation of the dimming profile according to the seasons.
It ensures that the lighting meets the real needs every day.


Intelligent lighting with Constant Light Output     

The Constant Light Output (CLO) feature eliminates overlighting and autonomously compensates the depreciation.




Intelligent lighting with scheduled dimming                                                                                                                           


Intelligent drivers integrating optimum 5-level dimming programmes can be incorporated into luminaires.
The drivers work autonomously by taking switch-on and switch-off times as reference points.



Owlet autonomous network:
To manage a communicating network

The Owlet Autonomous Network Dimming system enables luminaires to comunicate together in a wireless network to provide dynamic profile dimming.

This system can be enhanced with motion detection sensors.

When motion is detected, the detection scenario supplants the dimming scenario to provide safety and comfort for users.

The sensors can be centralised or decentralised.

Each luminaire is fitted with a control unit and can be managed independently.

The autonomous network is perfectly suited for streets, roads, parks, sport fields, car parks, bike paths, tramways, roundabouts, industrial sites etc.




Advantages of a wireless network

The Schréder Owlet Autonomous Network wireless system offers many advantages including:

  • efficiency: based on the open source ZigBee protocol, it communicates 50 times faster than a powerline network
  • reliability: thanks to mesh functionality the system finds the best communication path and includes self-healing and re-routing features
  • freedom: to incorporate sensors and luminaires
  • upgradability: the network can easily be enlarged by adding new lighting points
  • accessibility: the dimming profile can be simply changed by connecting one luminaire to a laptop (through WiFi).


Owlet Nightshift Interoperable Network:
Complete system with user-friendly interface

The Schréder Owlet Nightshift is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network.

It is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface control each luminaire at any time from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to bi-directional communication, operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored.



This advanced solution provides:

  • Secured data storage and a back-up
  • Pre-defined or customised reports to focus on the information you want
  • Third party ERP integration through data bridges
  • Fall-back scenario
  • Data management (energy analysis, problem detection...)
  • Instant alarm management (via sms, mail or mobile)
  • Easy progressive enlargement of network
  • Easy integration of external sensors
  • Absolute compatibility with any type of lamp, ballast or LED driver.



Owlet IoT Interoperable Network:
Connected lighting to transform your environment 

The Owlet IoT City Management System is a performing remote lighting management system that enables you to:

  • increase safety
  • improve operations
  • reduce energy and operating costs by up to 85

Based on Open Standards, it can interact with larger smart city platforms to exchange data or interoperate with neighbouring systems so that you can gain important data to:

  • rethink services
  • create new opportunities
  • enrich citizen experiences

Key Benefits:

  • Smart hybrid architecture
  • Easy set-up
  • Efficient asset management
  • Instant GPS location
  • Precise energy consumption measurement
  • Savings of up to 85%
  • Compliance with norms
  • Reliable network
    Intuitive web-based interface
  • Smart City enabler


Why choose Owlet IoT?

  Smart Hybrid Architecture
A strong local mesh network between the luminaires and the sensors guarantees an instant reaction to events which is key for a real-time adaptive lighting scheme while a remote control system using the cloud ensures an efficient set-up and communication between the local network and the servers.
  Easy set-up
Thanks to a built-in GPS antenna and an intelligent auto-commissioning process, it is a real Plug + Play solution that does not require any intervention from the installer or contractor, nor any segment controllers or gateways.
  Efficient asset management
The Owlet luminaire controller incorporates a unique feature to capture the characteristics of the lighting scheme. This data and the precise luminaire position provided by the GPS feature determines the luminaire light profile for the given location.
  Instant GPS location
A built-in GPS accurately locates the luminaire position. There is no need for field recording, scanning or manual mapping. It also detects changes e.g. following maintenance.
  Precise energy consumption measurement
The nodes or luminaire controllers incorporate a built-in utility grade energy meter that offers the highest metering accuracy (<1% for the complete dimming range) so you only pay for the energy consumed
  Safe fall back scenarios
Multiple technologies (e.g. AES encryption) ensure that the system is switched on and off in complete security. Switching and dimming commands as well as the astronomical clock and built-in photocell prevent a complete blackout at night.
  Intuitive web based application
With an intuitive web application, users can monitor and manage a network from any device connected to the Internet. A easy-to-use dashboard helps to organise and customise reports and statistics. Strict security measures protect the system from any kind of intrusion.
  Operational benefits
This dynamic management system has the capacity to implement, adapt and reproduce lighting profiles and driver settings, which are typical for public lighting networks so you can gain valuable data to optimise operational efficiency.

Key features Fast payback Optimum total cost of ownership Flexibility Efficient asset management Energy savings of up to 85% Compliance with norms Easy installation Reliable network User-friendly interface

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