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The Teceo lights Strijp-S, an urban laboratory for public lighting of the future

The Teceo lights Strijp-S, an urban laboratory for public lighting of the future

09/09/2014, LED | Project News


Strijp-S is a former industrial site that has been converted into a modern day campus by the City of Eindhoven. This 66 acre complex combines residential, working, leisure and cultural facilities with the vocation of being a creative breeding ground for innovative people.

Through the Light-S programme, the city of Eindhoven is applying the latest innovations in lighting and communication to implement sustainable smart lighting systems that create optimal experiences for the general public. The street lighting in Strijp-S is not only functional - to improve safety and visibility - but also aesthetic and interactive to reflect the living nature of the public space.

With sustainability, colour and interactivity as essential criteria for Light-S, the managers of this programme opted for LED technology. LED luminaires can vary in intensity, colour and brightness, ideal for innovative and intelligent light solutions and particularly when a focus on sustainability demands a reduction in the use of energy and light pollution.

The Teceo by Schréder was the ideal tool for this project thanks to its high performance which provides maximised savings in energy and maintenance costs.
Each Teceo luminaire can be controlled individually and is custom fitted with RGB, warm white and cool white LEDs. The colours are mixed to create different ambiances. For example, blue and green LEDs are blended in with the white to provide the residents with a bright light for an energetic vibe in the mornings while warmer colours are mixed with the white in the evening to enhance sunset. They can also be dynamically mixed for more festive occasions; when the Italian food van pays its weekly visit to the site, the Teceo luminaires can be lit in different colours to create a Mediterranean atmosphere. 
They can even be adapted to the weather, for example, flashing red to warn residents of approaching storms. The system is connected to the fiber optic infrastructure and centrally controlled. It is connected to a local weather station to react on local conditions.
They can also be remotely adjusted using wireless technology. By simply downloading an app on their smartphone, residents will be able to change the colours for a couple of hours each night. People sitting on restaurant terraces will be able to adjust the luminaires around the restaurants to provide a particular ambiance for that area.

"Residents are the real customers of light, and we tend to forget that", explains Serge van den Berg of the energy sustainability firm HetEnergieBureau, in charge of the lighting installation. "A sustainable environment is one that's not just energy-efficient but also one where people enjoy being."

 “The newly transformed Strijp-S site is the home of a unique and continuously developing approach to public lighting, a live laboratory. It will create experiences that reflect what is happening in the environment and respond interactively with the residents. It provides a lighting system that is both sustainable and fun.” comments Yves Borlez, Research & Technology Director for the Schréder Group. “This concept has always been at the heart of our research and development:  efficient lighting while ensuring an ambiance that matches the needs of the place to be lit at that exact time. Schréder is delighted to be a partner of this project which will build the future of public lighting”.

For more information, visit http://www.light-s.nl/home/en

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