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Texas A&M University Announces Partnership with Schréder for a Future-Oriented Campus

Texas A&M University Announces Partnership with Schréder for a Future-Oriented Campus

08/05/2017, Event News | Product News | Project News

College Station, Texas – At the 2nd annual Transportation Technology Conference, Texas A&M University Chancellor John Sharp announced a partnership with Schréder Lighting to bring the future-oriented Shuffle luminaire to the Texas A&M campus. The event engaged many DOT executives and technology experts in the innovation, testing, and deployment of advanced transportation technologies. As a “beyond lighting” luminaire, Shuffle had a notable presence at the conference due to its effortless demonstration of a range of electric vehicle charging, WLAN connectivity, and CCTV solutions in the same elegant column as a wide variety of lighting solutions.

Shuffle’s design focuses on simplicity, customization, and connectivity. Its modular plug-and-play philosophy allows for easy installation due to pre-wired modules that eliminate the need for separate power supplies. Quick connectors further speed up installation time, and modules are joined together with clamps that ensure perfect tightness for a long-lasting, clean appearance. Adjustments are easy, as all modules can be rotated before locking into place, and the inclination angles of the spot lighting module and the CCTV module may be fine-tuned on-site. 

Shuffle’s design was just a small part of its strong reception at the Transportation Technology Conference. Engineers and technology experts also explored Shuffle’s various control systems, such as stand-alone solutions that independently controls each Shuffle, and the Autonomous Network Dimming system that enables Shuffles to communicate with one another for dynamic dimming scenarios. Motion sensors enable a network of Shuffles to provide light only when a presence is detected, and an Interoperable Network system with bi-directional communication to a web-based control application will enable facility managers at Texas A&M to monitor and control Shuffles from any computer or tablet. 

David Cohen, General Manager of Schréder USA, emphasized the growing demand for “smart” luminaires and multi-function lighting solutions. “Populations are growing faster than ever and technology must adapt very quickly, but it’s important to make sure spaces don’t become cluttered with routers and wires,” said Cohen.  “Shuffle meets the needs of tomorrow’s outdoor spaces, and it does so with one clean column. It’s perfect for a cutting-edge engineering campus like Texas A&M and we can’t wait to see it inspire future engineers.”

The answer to tomorrow’s infrastructure challenges, Shuffle was an unforgettable presence at the Transportation Technology Conference. Sponsored by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), Schréder Lighting was humbled to present Shuffle’s solutions to the world’s largest university-based transportation institute. Schréder’s partnership with Texas A&M will bring Shuffle to one of the largest universities in the United States, exposing over 148,000 students to a futuristic “beyond lighting” solution.

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