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St. Nino’s church in Philippines, ravaged by typhoon and newly lit by Schréder, visited by Pope Francis

St. Nino’s church in Philippines, ravaged by typhoon and newly lit by Schréder, visited by Pope Francis

25/01/2015, Corporate News

Pope Francis visits St. Nino Church, Tacloban city which was rebuilt after typhoon Yolanda and lit by Schréder

During his recent five-day trip to Asia, Pope Francis went to Tacloban city in the Philippines, where he met the Archbishop of Tacloban and visited the St. Nino Church which was completely destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013 and rebuilt in 2014.

To highlight the important role that this church plays in the local community as a place of worship, Schréder in collaboration with its local partner Hi Tech was asked to provide a complete lighting solution. The lighting scheme was to create a warm ambiance to encourage social interaction whilst respecting the reverent and solemn nature of the church and generating energy savings.

The ouside walls and tower of the church are illuminated by the ART-LED and Neos floodlights while the front façade is uplighted by Terra Maxi floodlights. These floodlights discreetly integrate into the architecture for minimum visual impact by day and by night. Inoa luminaires light the entrance area leading to the church, providing a welcoming ambiance. 
The high-performing Percepto downlight luminaire was chosen to light the aisle leading to the altar and the altar itself due to the high ceiling. The Percepto, fitted with LEDs, provides the ideal photometry to light from a great height for ambient and task requirements such as reading with a long life span so that there will be no need for special high level access equipment for maintenance. 

Pope Francis was able to admire all the work that has been undertaken to restore St. Nino Church which is at the heart of the community. Schréder and Hi Tech are delighted to have contributed to this project which has helped the community get back on its feet after the devasting typhoon.
It’s always been Schreder’s commitment to provide lighting solutions to contribute to a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment. We are more than honored to be part of the Tacloban restoration.” explains Karl Reynders, Schréder Director for Schreder Asia Pacific.

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