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SmartLume 4 Qualifies for DLC Listings

Commercial customers may now be eligible for rebates due to the high efficiency of SmartLume 4.

SmartLume 4 Qualifies for DLC Listings

30/08/2017, Innovation News | LED | Product News

Schréder Lighting is pleased to announce that all SmartLume 4 configurations are now on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL). As one of the industry’s top-performing and value-delivering area and roadway fixtures, SmartLume 4 has officially received its third party designation as a highly efficient, quality LED product.

To view all 480 configurations of SmartLume 4 that are DLC listed, click here to visit the DLC QPL. Details for inclusion on the DLC QPL can be found on the latest DLC Technical Requirements, V4.2.

DLC independently tested all SmartLume 4 configurations.  With a 130 lumens/watt rating and excellent lumen maintenance, the fixture’s Cool White and Neutral White variations qualified for the “DLC Premium” listing. SmartLume 4 also met DLC Premium’s requirement of integral control capabilities, as all SmartLume 4 luminaires feature a NEMA-7 socket for easy installation of a wide range of controls and sensors.  

SmartLume 4’s Warm White variations were listed under the DLC Standard designation (high lumen maintenance and efficacy at 110 lumens/watt). All SmartLume 4 configurations met or surpassed the requirements for safety certification.

The benefits of DLC listings are numerous, including potential rebates for commercial customers who use the SmartLume 4. The DLC consists of 78 federal, regional, state, and provincial energy efficiency programs across the United States and Canada, aiming to set the bar for sustainable lighting products in North America. In addition to providing incentives to use the SmartLume 4 as a high quality, standardized lighting innovation, DLC’s listing of SmartLume 4 recognizes the enormous energy savings available to Schréder’s SmartLume 4 customers.

Click here to learn more about SmartLume 4.

DLC® is a non-profit organization that drives efficient lighting by defining quality, facilitating thought leadership, and delivering tools and resources to the lighting market through open dialogue and collaboration.

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