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Shuffle Illuminates the Future during New Outdoor Lighting Solutions Event

Shuffle Illuminates the Future during New Outdoor Lighting Solutions Event

28/03/2017, Event News | Innovation News | Product News

Modern outdoor spaces now demand security cameras, loudspeakers, and wi-fi routers, often mounted on separate poles or strung between buildings. Clutter increases as solar panels and energy-saving technology also begins to take over, creating spaces that can feel dystopian.

Luckily, there’s no longer a need to multiply devices or install new infrastructure in order to create both a modern and sustainable space. The Shuffle answers the call of technology’s demand with a unique, clutter-eliminating design. With the Shuffle luminaire, it is easy and cost-effective to combine all devices into a single, elegant column that can be easily customized to meet the dynamic needs of your outdoor space. 

Say goodbye to separate CCTV installations or unsightly poles for a single speaker or wi-fi router. 

The Shuffle’s modular design is an all-in-one solution for security, lighting, wi-fi, and more. Outlets for electric vehicle charging are also available, further promoting sustainability and establishing cities and businesses as forward-thinking. Each Shuffle offers total versatility with 360 degree rotatable modules, plug-in connections, and the flexibility to accommodate up to 5 modules at once, making it perfect for metro stations, parks, or city streets, just to name a few.

The Shuffle was warmly received as revolutionary at the Shuffle and New Outdoor Lighting Solutions event.

Co-hosted with Schréder Lighting and Current Lighting Solutions in Houston, Texas, the event focused on the forward-facing solutions offered by the Shuffle. "In a way, lighting has very little to do with just lighting anymore,” recounted David Cohen, General Manager at Schréder Lighting. “Shuffle is one of the very first luminaires that is responding to all of the technological needs within a single space. People can immediately sense if a space is cluttered or not, and by helping the owners of these spaces declutter and attract more people, the Shuffle is improving lives in more ways than just enhancing the illumination.”

Add in the optional Schréder Owlet control system, and achieving 85% energy savings is as easy as opening an app on any computer or mobile device.

The Shuffle's Owlet control system allows quick and in-depth monitoring of energy and network use – a game-changer for more efficient operations management. “The turnout and enthusiasm garnered by Shuffle has roots in the sustainability movement and it’s gaining wide acceptance across multiple market segments,” said Cohen. 

“In guest’s faces you could see gears turning, ideas generating about how, and where Shuffle will fit in their projects. Shuffle provides designers and specifiers the maximum amount of versatility and flexibility, providing their customers the most benefit at a very competitive cost.”

The Shuffle’s Owlet control system also avoids over-lighting through smart features like Selective Dynamic Lumen Output and dimming scenarios that can be easily programmed through the intuitive app on your desktop or mobile device. If problems arise, the system switches to a default program. Your space stays illuminated and safe no matter what.

The Shuffle and New Outdoor Lighting Solutions event was just the beginning of introducing forward-thinking technology into today’s modern spaces.

For more information about the game-changing Shuffle or how to order, click here

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