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Schréder has supplied more than 29,000 luminaires to Plymouth City Council for a citywide street lighting upgrade scheme

Schréder has supplied more than 29,000 luminaires to Plymouth City Council for a citywide street lighting upgrade scheme

19/10/2015, Event News

Schréder has supplied over 29,000 LED luminaires to light all of Plymouth’s streets and roads

The project, which began in September last year, will see all of Plymouth’s street lighting replaced with LED technology over a period of 18 months. It is expected that the new LED lighting scheme will lead to a reduction in Plymouth’s annual energy consumption from around 17GWh to 5GWh - a saving of more than £1 million a year.

Plymouth is one of the first cities in the UK to replace all its street lights with LED luminaires, making it a landmark project. The urban environment will also be enhanced by reducing light pollution and improving personal security and road safety for residents with the better colour rendition of LED.

The product mix from Schréder included Ampera Midis for the main roads; Ampera Minis for residential roads; Albany lanterns for the town centre; Hestia lanterns for the seafront; Abbeys for park lighting and Pilzeos, a functional light with a decorative feel, for pedestrian walkways in the town centre.

Paul German, Lighting Engineer at Amey and Plymouth City Council’s lighting designer for the project, simplified and standardised the approach which ensured the project ran smoothly and put the Council significantly ahead of schedule in terms of immediate savings.

Offering valuable consultancy, Schréder worked closely with Plymouth City Council to ensure the project met certain key objectives, including futureproofing against energy price rises; significantly reducing CO2 emissions and maintenance costs and implementing a lighting scheme with aesthetic day time appeal.

Paul German comments, “The project had both functional and decorative aspects and we expected to have to work with two or three companies to fit the brief, but Schréder’s tender was above and beyond anything we have received previously and met all of the requirements.”

After awarding the tender, Schréder worked closely with us as part of the team, pre-empting our needs and supplying the necessary facts and figures - it worked very well. Schréder’s design team gave us examples early on and its supply network ensured everything was here when it needed to be.”


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