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Schréder Socelec donates luminaires to help renovate Lorca

Badly affected by the 2011 earthquake, Schréder hopes to contribute to rebuilding a safe and comfortable environment.

Schréder Socelec donates luminaires to help renovate Lorca

10/03/2013, Corporate News

Angel Meca, Councillor for Lorca receives the donated luminaires from Jorge Leirana, on behalf of Schréder Socelec

Lorca, an ancient town in the south east of Spain, with many medieval buildings and streets was badly affected by an earthquake in 2011. In what was Spain's worst earthquake for 50 years, the town suffered several deaths and hundreds were injured. Many buildings were destroyed whilst all the others were damaged to some extent. 

The local authorities have been working hard to rebuild the town for the population of 90,000. Schréder Socelec, the Schréder group company in Spain has donated more than 200 luminaires to contribute to this renovation.

These luminaires will reduce energy consumption by 50% and CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the previous lighting scheme. This will help the town improve the results of its Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan launched a few years ago. 

Valued at over €65,000 euros, the luminaires were delivered to Angel Meca, the Councillor of Public Works and Services at the end of February. They will be installed in the coming weeks.

Jorge Leirana, Sales Manager of Schréder Socelec explains: “We are delighted to help the town of Lorca rebuild a safe and welcoming environment for its residents. Especially, as these luminaires will generate energy savings of 50% and help the local authorities exceed the goals defined in the Energy Efficiency Plan”.


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