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Schréder provides a complete solution to light the Penang Second Bridge, the longest bridge in Malaysia

Schréder provides a complete solution to light the Penang Second Bridge, the longest bridge in Malaysia

17/08/2014, LED | Project News

The Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, more commonly known as Penang Second Bridge, was inaugurated this year to ease traffic in the rapidly industrialising northern state of Penang.
As a High Impact Project (HIP) launched under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the bridge was built with the objective of boosting economic growth in the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) of Malaysia.

This dual carriageway toll bridge connects Batu Kawan on mainland Malaysia with Batu Maung on Penang Island. It will take motorists around 20 minutes to go from side to the other. By alleviating traffic on the first Penang Bridge by 20 to 25% on a daily basis it will help attract business to create more job opportunities.

Totalling 24km in length, it is the longest bridge in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia. The structure boasts a unique design with curved S roads to make drivers stay fully alert and consequently reduce traffic accidents.

Schréder was entrusted with providing a complete lighting solution - almost 3,000 luminaires - for this majestic bridge which comprises 16.9km over water, 7km of roads on land, 3 interchanges and 2 toll plazas.

This is the first bridge in Malaysia built to withstand forces of nature such as wind, tsunami and earthquakes and the lighting solution had to incorporate robust and performing luminaires. Impressed by the quality of the luminaires that light the first Penang Bridge (built in 1985) which is lit by Schréder, the local authorities opted for the same luminaires to light this cable stayed bridge.

More than 1,700 Onyx luminaires on 12m high poles light the roads and motorcycles lanes while the toll plazas and interchanges are lit by over 1,100 RT floodlights installed in the soffits or on 30m high masts. 
Just over 100 Teceo LED luminaires were installed to light the area surrounding the administration building. They provide an energy efficient and bright white light which contributed to the building achieving the Green Building Index for this project. This was the first experience with Schréder LED luminaires for the local authorities and the success of this installation will further encourage the integration of this technology for future lighting projects.

The lighting solution provided by Schréder ensures a safe and comfortable environment for motorists as they approach and drive over this distinctively designed bridge that will no doubt improve their quality of life on a daily basis.


The Administration Building Compound is lit by energy efficient Teceo luminaires which helped the building obtain the Green Building Index.

Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang toll plaza is lit by RT floodlights on 30m high masts. 

Schréder lit the Batu Kawan toll plaza of Penang Second Bridge, the longest in Malaysia and south east Asia
Schréder lit the Batu Kawan toll plaza to ensure safety and comfort for all motorists. 


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