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Schréder provides a complete lighting solution to guarantee safety in the strategic Marina Coastal Expressway in Singapore

Schréder provides a complete lighting solution to guarantee safety in the strategic Marina Coastal Expressway in Singapore

16/10/2014, Project News

Described as “a massive engineering feat”, the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) is the widest and deepest underground road in Singapore. This dual five-lane, 5km long expressway was built as a key element of the strategic island-wide road network to support the long-term growth of the city.
It incorporates a 3.6km long road tunnel and 3 interchanges that run through segments of reclaimed land. At its deepest, it is 25m below sea level. It is also the first undersea road in Singapore, with a 420m section beneath the seabed south of the Marina Barrage.

Schréder provided a complete tunnel lighting solution - over 8,500 luminaires - to guarantee safety and comfort for motorists at all times. In long tunnels like the MCE, it is the main lighting which is in continuous operation that determines the quality of the installation and is the main energy consumption factor. The FV3 was chosen to light the tunnel as it offers several advantages:

  • superior photometric performance with white light (excellent reproduction of colours)
  • long life span and
  • fast and easy maintenance.

Motorists in Singapore are not used to driving in long tunnel environments. It is essential that the lighting helps them to easily find their way in this multi-lane tunnel with several exits. We not only proposed a complete solution with excellent visibility and visual comfort but one with low energy consumption and a long life that will that significantly reduce the number of interventions in the tunnel and overall operational costs.” explains Karl Reynders, Managing Director of Schréder Singapore.

Given the traffic density and width of the tunnel, Schréder proposed a symmetrical lighting solution to avoid shadowy areas. The luminaires are installed in two almost continuous lines to provide perfect visual guidance and to obtain excellent uniformity. The luminaires are managed by a tunnel control system with multiple stages to adapt the light in the interior zone according to outside light levels to ensure safety as motorists approach the tunnel and to further reduce energy costs.
All approach areas entrances and interchanges are all lit by the Neos which provides a robust and highly efficient lighting with maximum flux control and minimum light pollution. 

For Schréder, a safe tunnel, is first and foremost a well lit tunnel. We are delighted to have been able to use our expertise and experience to light this strategic tunnel which will improve life on a daily basis for many Singaporeans.

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