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Schréder, partner for lighting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadia in Brazil

Schréder, partner for lighting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadia in Brazil

12/05/2014, Corporate News | LED | Project News

An expert in lighting sporting venues, Schréder delivered full scope solutions for several stadia including Mineirão Stadium, Maracanã Arena, Estádio Nacional and Arena das Dunes.

The second largest football stadium in Brazil, Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte was renovated in 2013 to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. The architectural office BCMF Arquitetos re-designed the stadium to feature:

  • 64,000 seats and 2,100 VIP seats
  • 2,569 parking spaces
  • A tribune for 3,000 journalists and 390 commentators
  • Solar energy panels.

Schréder worked with the lighting design office Arquitetura e Luz to provide a complete and sustainable lighting solution for the entire stadium, from the football pitch to the esplanade, from the helipad to the car park.
The lighting meets the important needs of the players whilst minimising light pollution and glare for spectators. It also satisfies the strictest criteria defined for high definition television broadcasting to avoid flickering and capture sharp and vivid images for viewers at home.
Schréder also illuminated the façade with a dynamic RGB LED solution and all monuments on the grounds.

Schréder provided a complete & sustainable lighting solution for the entire stadium, from the pitch to the esplanade

Mineirão Stadium

Maracanã Arena in Rio de Janeiro, an iconic landmark for Brazilians, was partially rebuilt to be a host site, including the closing game. The venue increased its size from 189,000m² to 240,000m² to seat 78,838 spectators and become the largest stadium in South America.

Schréder supplied cost-effective LED lighting solutions to improve the landscape by providing  a safe passage for the many spectators making their way to and from the matches. Schréder also illuminated the façade of the stadium to boost the festive atmosphere.

Schréder supplied cost-effective LED luminaires to create a safe passage for spectators visiting Maracanã Arena

Maracanã Arena

The façade of the restored host stadium Estádio Nacional in Brasilia has been illuminated by Schréder to emphasise the energetic mood and create a striking night-time feature. Several monuments in the stadium have also been illuminated to further enhance this nocturnal ambiance.

Arena das Dunes in Natal is a new stadium designed by leading sports architect, Christopher Lee of Populous. Schréder lit all the areas surrounding the stadium as well as the BR-101 motorway leading to it and the nearby Natal beach with LED luminaires to guarantee secure environments for the many visitors whilst reducing energy costs. 

In addition, Schréder supplied LED luminaires to illuminate several bridges which have been built to ease journeys for both athletes and visitors travelling from the airports and sporting venues. It was important that these bridges create a visual impact with a low energy solution.

Schréder is delighted to have provided sustainable lighting solutions for this prestigious event and to play such a vital role in providing safe yet festive landscapes for a succesful competition.

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