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Schréder launches the easy to use LED CONTROLLED BY NATURE solution offering constant light and maximum energy savings

Schréder launches the easy to use LED CONTROLLED BY NATURE solution offering constant light and maximum energy savings

08/10/2015, Corporate News | LED

Venues, whether they are used for recreational activities or for professional purposes, need highly efficient lighting. In addition to ensuring safety, comfort and well-being for the users, economic and environmental factors also need to be taken into consideration. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we, at Schréder, develop modern solutions offering a fast return on investment and savings that last beyond the payback period.
The new 'LED controlled by nature' solution by Schréder is a perfect example of this approach.

In many contemporary buildings, the architectural design often involves letting in as much natural light as possible. With this in mind, Schréder - in collaboration with Phoenix Contact - has developed an LED lighting system that takes into account the ambient lighting, to play a supporting role in achieving the required lighting level at all times, while minimising energy consumption.

Specifically, Schréder's solution combines the latest generation LED luminaires, luminosity sensors and a control management system. The control system interprets the data it receives from the sensors and automatically converts it into commands for the luminaires (via the DALI protocol) to vary the intensity and provide the exact amount of artificial light required. This automatic dimming of the light ensures that only the energy that is absolutely necessary for achieving the defined lighting levels is used and prevents any possible excess lighting. The flexibility and intelligence of this solution takes full advantage of LED technology and the initial investment is recovered very quickly. Thanks to the very long life of LEDs, energy and maintenance savings will continue beyond this period.

Cédric Collard, Market Segment Manager at Schréder, confirms the potential of the 'LED controlled by nature' technology for numerous indoor lighting installations. "This is an intelligent way of combining the largest energy savings with the well-being and safety of people in many environments. The subtlety with which the system continually adapts is ideal for not distracting people during their activities. Our ‘LED controlled by nature' solution is adapted to various indoor environments such as sporting venues, train stations, shopping centres and industrial buildings. It takes full advantage of the flexibility that LED technology offers and it is very simple for the managers of these venues to use."

The city of Ans in Belgium implemented this innovative solution for its new state-of-the-art swimming pool in 2015.
The building was designed to reduce costs in the long term with particular attention paid to energy consumption. The choice of an LED lighting solution was logical for reducing operating costs and minimising the environmental footprint.

Benefiting from a large south facing bay window, the building is designed to be bathed in gentle natural light. Nevertheless, the temperate climate in Belgium and the pool’s long opening hours (from 9am to 7pm or 10pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays) means that a significant amount of artificial lighting is required to achieve the average lighting level of 600 lux throughout the 1200m² of floor space at all times.

Schréder offered an ‘LED controlled by nature’ solution consisting of 36 OMNIstar luminaires (144 LEDs), four luminosity sensors and a control system. The control system interprets the data received from the sensors and transforms it into DALI commands to adapt the intensity of the lighting automatically based on the natural ambient light.

Discreetly integrated into the architecture, the lighting solution proposed by Schréder cuts energy consumption by 67% compared with a conventional installation. Based on the energy consumption alone and not taking into account the maintenance gain, Schréder’s solution offers a return on investment in less than four years.

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