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Schréder delivers a unique LED lighting solution for Kilkenny’s new bridge while preserving the local landscape

Schréder delivers a unique LED lighting solution for Kilkenny’s new bridge while preserving the local landscape

17/09/2017, LED | Project News

The city of Kilkenny, 130km south of Dublin, is a major tourist attraction in the region, boasting several historic buildings including Kilkenny Castle, St Candice’s Cathedral and Rothe House.
The City is built around the River Nore that effectively splits the City in half. Historically, there were three bridges across the river in the City, but with a growing population and increased traffic congestion, a new bridge was commissioned.

Good lighting is essential to ensure a safe passage for both the pedestrians and road traffic on this new bridge. However, to protect the historical nature of the environment, planning permission precluded any lighting columns being installed. This caused a significant challenge to Mayo-based electrical contracting company Electric Skyline, which had won the contract to provide lighting to the bridge. Electric Skyline turned to Schréder to collaborate on a lighting solution.

The bridge consists of a 3m pedestrian walkway each side of a two-way traffic system. The walkway and road are separated by a permanent barrier to ensure the safety of passengers who might accidently encroach on the road. The barrier is approx. 0.8m high and the road lighting needed to be embedded into it, yet safely light the 10.5m wide road.

A unique lighting challenge

Typically, road lighting is at a height of between six to eight metres, so this configuration offered a unique challenge to Schréder’s bespoke lighting team. A further challenge was presented by the fact that the barrier was already on-site, having previously been fabricated and installed. Schréder needed to deliver a lighting solution that would fit the space left for lighting products.

The team deployed the SCULPline - a slim, longitudinal LED floodlight. Combining Schréder’s design expertise and the unique LensoFlex® photometric engine of the SCULPline, Schréder was able to produce a solution that delivered the required 40% light uniformity across the entirety of the bridge, with minimal light spill and a luminaire that fit into the bespoke housing unit supplied by one of Electric Skylines other partners on the project.
The LED solution is extremely robust as the SCULPline requires very little maintenance and has an LED life span of 100,000 burn hours, meaning it will last for decades.

Footpath lighting provided a further challenge. In this case there was a one metre high barrier at the side of the bridge. Since this was made of stainless steel, any lighting would require tricky drilling into the surface. The pedestrian area therefore needed to be lit with as few luminaires as possible.

Schréder proposed its unique LED handrail product to provide uniform lighting every six metres along the bridge. This vastly reduced the complexity of the task as well as enabling a uniform lighting solution across the entire footpath with a minimum number of luminaires, saving on both installation time and cost.

Challenging schedule

Having received the green light to go ahead with the solution, Schréder had only eight to ten weeks to deploy the solution before the bridge was scheduled for completion. The lighting was completed in time for the official opening of the bridge.

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