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Schréder chosen by the European Commission to help promote LED technology

Schréder chosen by the European Commission to help promote LED technology

03/01/2013, Corporate News | Event News | LED

© European Union, 2012

As part of the European Commission’s efforts to “Accelerate the deployment of innovative lighting technologies”, they wanted to demonstrate a lighting installation with advanced LED technology in the entrance hall of the Commission headquarters in Brussels.
Schréder was selected as the winning bid following the open Call for Sponsors, allowing us to highlight our expertise in creating innovative and intelligent lighting solutions.

On Thursday, 19th December, Mr André Papoular - CEO of Schréder, Mrs Neelie Kroes - the European Commission Vice-President, responsible for the Digital Agenda and Mr Maros Sefcovic - European Commission Vice-President for Inter-Institutional Relations, inaugurated “Shapes of Light”, an interactive lighting installation with LED technology. 

Shapes of Light was inaugurated on 19th December 2013 and will be on display for 12 months
© European Union, 2012

For this project, Schréder created a structure consisting of a group of silhouettes that symbolise Europe’s cultural diversity. The shapes light up in the presence of visitors and dynamically change colour. The lighting effects depend on the number of visitors passing by.

The structure has been brought to life by BaroLED floodlights equipped with a digital control system and presence sensors.
The installation highlights the relationship between people and light with a responsible use of energy. Intelligent lighting solutions increase the conviviality of public spaces, allowing people to take full advantage of their work, home and recreational environments in complete safety.

The objective of this project was to show the potential of intelligent LED lighting solutions. They can create dynamic lighting effects or immediate colour changes which was impossible before. They can also generate significant energy savings, in this particular case, up to 70%.

Schréder is proud of this project which illustrates our commitment to LED technology and sustainable solutions.
The installation will be on display for the next 12 months, until the end of 2013. For more information concerning the project, please visit the Europeans Commissions’s dedicated web site.
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