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New lighting scheme from Schréder helps to create high-quality, safe and welcoming environment in Bradford city centre

New lighting scheme from Schréder helps to create high-quality, safe and welcoming environment in Bradford city centre

05/12/2016, LED | Project News

The City of Bradford in West Yorkshire has a history of industry and textiles production, evident in the listed Victorian architecture that remains today. Iconic buildings include City Hall, the former Wool Exchange and St George’s Hall - the oldest concert hall in Britain.

As part of a 15 year development plan, Bradford City Council is working with the local community and key stakeholders to regenerate the city and boost economic growth. Schréder worked with the City Council on a lighting regeneration scheme to support their multimillion-pound development of the city centre. The focal point of the scheme is Bradford’s Broadway Shopping Centre, which recently opened after a 15-year redevelopment period.

The area near St Blaise Court is one of the main pedestrian routes from Forster Square Station to the new Broadway Shopping Centre. The SCULPline - a slim line architectural floodlight - was installed to create a stunning interchangeable colour scheme using red, green, blue and white (RGBW) lighting.
 The SCULPline creates a vibrant atmosphere for St. Blaise Court

For the Kirkgate area to the West of the new Broadway Shopping Centre, Schréder designed a scheme using the Albany LED heritage lantern, which matches the impressive architecture surrounding the roads and maintains the ‘traditional’ feeling of the area.

We also provided nine Midi LED uplighters - recessed in the ground - to provide additional lighting for the trees lining the pavement.

The new lighting scheme for Bridge Street - South of the Broadway Shopping Centre - replaced an existing Schréder installation. We incorporated modern LED technology into the existing heritage scheme, which included bespoke Schréder columns with hanging baskets and an integrated ‘Bradford’ sign.

Schréder also created a bespoke bracket to connect its Yoa LED luminaire - a round, slim and decorative luminaire that matches design and performance - to the existing bespoke Schréder columns.
The Yoa gives an aesthetic edge to Bridge Street The Perla enhances the area around Broadway Shopping Centre

The area surrounding the Broadway Shopping Centre now houses the Perla LED luminaire, which provides a mixture of modern decorative daytime appeal and effective lighting during the evening and at night. The new scheme is based on a stepped arrangement - with one luminaire placed higher and one lower on each column - to reach the required lighting levels while creating an inviting area for shoppers to congregate. Each Perla also includes a ring of blue LEDs that accentuate its nocturnal presence and adds decorative appeal to the functional light.

The urban regeneration scheme in Bradford has saved 46% of energy across the city. The Broadway area and Well Street have been significantly improved to meet the required standards and the whole scheme achieves a reduction of 26.79 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

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