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Madureira Park sparkles at night thanks to Schréder’s sustainable lighting solution

Developed with sustainable principles, the Schréder lighting solution provides comfort and safety with energy savings

Madureira Park sparkles at night thanks to Schréder’s sustainable lighting solution

03/04/2013, LED | Project News

Madureira Park was developed in one of the most built-up areas of Rio Janeiro with the clear intention of transforming the landscape and quality of life for the residents.
This 103,000m² park is the third largest in the city and offers a multitude of activities including football pitches, ping-pong tables, skate park, amphitheatre, sensory garden for the blind and food kiosks.

Sustainability and well-being were at the heart of this project.
The park has a computerized irrigation system, capturing rainwater. Solar panels were installed to supply electricity to the visitors centre. The fountains make a sound to drown out the noise pollution from the surrounding areas to create a real oasis of calm.

Schréder provided a complete lighting solution for all the different landscapes in this park with nearly 600 energy saving luminaires.
More than 210 Claro LED luminaires light the main paths and central axes while over 170 Terra Maxi floodlights uplight the numerous trees throughout the park.
The skate park, tennis courts and football pitches are lit the Neos range of floodlights.
The Praça do Samba amphitheatre is illuminated by the BaroLED with a dynamic control system to create festive ambiances during the concerts and shows.

Open all day and night, this urban oasis has brought many benefits to the locals.
Schréder is proud to have developed lighting solutions that enable the visitors to enjoy the variety of entertainment and services that are offered with comfort and safety.

 The skate park is lit by the Neos floodlights  

Terra Maxi floodlight uplight the trees enhancing this green oasis
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